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This page contains the CEU forms for those in attendance at the conference listed below
2013 Fall Conference
Allendorf, M Curry, D Littrell, B Sheffield, R
Allnutt, S Darst, T Lunceford, G Shepherd, D
Amato, B Davis, B Maggard, B Shovlin, P
Arnold, M Davis, C Mann, G Sizemore, M
Arrington, E Davis, D Marchal, D Smith, R
Ashcraft, T Dietz, G Martin, M Smith, T
Atkins, B Dillon, G Mathis, G Snow, M
Baer, M Dittmer, D McClure, G Spaulding, L
Baldock, L Dulin, J McGrath, B Spicer, D
Ball, M Edington, B McKinney, T Spradling, S
Banks, R Engle, R McNees, R Stanbery, R
Barrett, G Farmer, M Mecham, B Standish, S
Bechtold, J Flaherty, A Milburn, K Steffen, B
Becker, C Flowers, D Miller, M Stevens, W
Billiter,_J Forsyth, J Monroe, W Stigers, M
Black, L Fudge, C Morgan, J Stinson, S
Blanton, T Fugate, L Morrison, J Stith, W
Blevins, K Gavin, T Muller, G Stokley, F
Blum, C Gilbert, D Mullins, D Summers, D
Blythe, W Gilbert, R Naylor, R Tackett, D
Bolton,_J Graham, C Newberry, D Taylor, D
Boone, R Hall, M Newburg, M Taylor, G
Bowling, J Hammock, S Niece, S Thomas, Tim
Boyd, G Hampton, R Noe, J Thomas, Tony
Brooks, T Haney, A Noel, P Thompson, D
Brown, E Harrison, R Noran, J Thompson, J
Brown, R Hayden, M Oliver, B Thurman, R
Bryan, M Helm, T Olszowy, A Tucker, C
Bryant, John Henry, M Ousley, M Utz, S
Bryant, Joseph Herald, V Owens, G Vance, T
Burch, M Hickey, S Parson, J Volpenhein, R
Burgess, J Hurt, P Pate, G Walker, J
Burke, D Ifcic, A Patterson, R Wallace, F
Burns, G Ireland, G Payne, J Walter, R
Burnworth, R Jarvis, P Pearson, B Ward, M
Byars, G Jewell, M Perry, J Watson, S
Byrum, D Johnston, J
In this study, an updated distribution of Lophelia pertusa between the Porcupine Seabight and Norwegian shelf is presented. It air jordan australia seems unlikely that enigmatic mound structures observed at water depths of more than 570 m during acoustic seabed surveys, particularly to the west of the Shetland Islands, are related to the occurrence of L. Pertusa. This author rejects the monistic view about man in chapters 1 and 2, and in chapter 3 tells that man is nike roshe run australia composed of hot, cold, dry and wet. And in the subsequent chapters he argues that man's body is composed of the four humours, and associates each humour with hot, cold, dry and wet respectively. It is noticeable that the author takes the pluralistic view and thinks that elements are four in number, that mbt shoes he make much of hot, cold, dry and wet, and that he explains man' generation and health by the balanced mixture. Evaluation of patient outcome by APN and physician indicated that in 76% of the cases, the patient's condition stabilized timberland australia or improved. Patients evaluated their own outcomes positively. Participating physicians were unanimous in their evaluation of APN prescriptive authority as beneficial to their patients.These data jordan shoes australia suggest that the aging process affects the metrics of the lid saccades in a different manner according to the eyelid. In the upper eyelid the lower tension exerted by a weak aponeurosis is reflected nike air max australia only on the peak velocity of the saccades. In the lower eyelid, age is accompanied by an increase in saccade amplitude which indicates that the force transmission to the lid is not affected in the elderly. Two hundred and fourty one (88.0%) had not received ITN from government. One hundred and eighty three (66.8%) had ITN in ralph lauren australia households. One hundred and twenty eight (46.7%) indicated price of ITN was affordable. Themes derived from the qualitative data were: weight gain advice wanted, diet and exercise advice wanted, lack timberland boots australia of advice and support, and anxiety.CONCLUSIONS: Advice women receive antenatally on weight gain, diet and exercise is brief and generally not related to weight management. Clearer, more detailed and personalised advice is wanted, particularly on weight gain. A lack of advice and support from nike roshe australia healthcare professionals leads women to seek information for themselves from potentially un-regulated sources, and also to feelings of anxiety in some cases. 2012 The Authors.
Philpot, C
Weiss, C
Camp, J Jones, N Pickrell, J Weissmann, T
Campbell, C Joyce, E Polanco, A Wesseler, J
Carpenter, B Kelley, D Powell, J Whisman, R
Carpenter, R Kendall, M Preston, C Whitaker, J
Clark, S King, A Rader, E Williams, T
Coleman, S King, K Raque, C Willis, B
Collins, C Kirchdorfer, R Ratliff, D Witacre, D
Conrad, T Lauber, J Ray, R Withrow, M
Cora, R Lawson, J Readnower, F Wood, P
Cox, W Lewis, B Reed, B Woods, E
Coyle, A Lickliter, B Rhoton, J Wuestefeld, A
Crace, R Lillis, J Russell, M Yung, J
Cromer, R Lingenfelter, J Schweighard, P Zwick, R
Shaw, J  

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