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...dedicated to professional, unified code enforcement

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By-laws Code Change Conference Education
Rick Harrison, Chair  Dale Spicer, Chair Bob Carpenter, Chair

Les Fugate

Robert Kirchdorfer Brian Sims  Rick Harrison Frank Wallace
Jeff Camp Frank Wallace David Flowers Elizabeth Arrington
Ron Dill Neil Howey Elizabeth Arrington Steve Coleman
Cash Olszowy Alvaro Polanco Dennis Crist Mark Brant

George Mann 

Connie Becker Robert Walter Bob Carpenter


Mark Martin    
  Amanda Haney    
  David Marchal    
  Lee White    
Finance Legislative Public Relations Scholarship

Frank Wallace, Chair

Robert Kirchdorfer, Chair Steve Coleman Jeff Camp
Jeff Camp Joe Parson Alvaro Palanco Brian Sims
Robert Kirchdorfer Les Fugate Connie Becker Les Fugate
Ron Dill Dale Spicer Joe Parsons Steve Coleman
Rick Harrison Neil Howey Jim Tucker Amanda Haney
    Ron Hampton  
    Ron Tabor  
Jeff Camp      
Robert Kirchdorfer      
Ron Dill
Brian Sims
Les Fugate      


If you are interested in serving on one of the current committees
or an Ad Hock committee, contact President
Ron Hampton

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