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For many years CAAK has provided scholarship opportunities for it's membership and students who pursue careers that involve code related studies within many design and building careers.  Here you will find the information and forms to apply for the many educational opportunities we offer.

Scholarship Awards

Scholarship Applications are due in by June 1, 2017 for this years consideration
Tommy Larrison Award:   George Mann Code
Related Studies Award:
Joel Scarborough Award:  
Robert Blanton Award:    

An Award For Children/Grandchildren of
Active or Retired Active Code Officials:

The Scholarship Committee may award up to three - $1,000 scholarships for tuition to a daughter, son, granddaughter, or grandson of an Active Member in good standing who is entering the freshman, sophomore, junior or senior year of an accredited institution of higher learning in Kentucky.  The applicant must exhibit academic excellence and must be enrolled full-time working toward a Bachelors Degree or Associate Degree. 

The applicant's parent, grandparent, or guardian must be employed full-time, or if retired had been employed full-time, as an inspector, code official or code enforcer for one or more municipalities.  The applicants parent or grandparent must be a member in good standing of CAAK for three (3) consecutive years with all dues paid up to date.  Retired Members must have been a member in good standing at the time of his/her retirement for at least five (5) years with all dues paid.  Retired members do not have to be members of CAAK at the time of application.  

As the intent of this award is to assist CAAK members, the applicants field of study does not have to be code related.

  An Award for Students Interested
in Code Related Studies:

The Scholarship Committee may award up to $1,000 to a student entering the sophomore, junior, or senior year of an accredited institution of higher learning in Kentucky.  The applicant must exhibit academic excellence and must be enrolled full-time working towards a Bachelors Degree of Associate Degree in a code related field of study such as, but not limited to: Architecture, Engineering, Construction Technology, Public Administration, or Fire Science.

 As the intent of this award is to promote code related studies the applicant does not have to be related to a person employed in the code enforcement field; but relatives should not be excluded.


Student Application   Student Application


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The CAAK Member Award:

The Scholarship Committee may award a Grant up to $250 for a member in good standing in one of the two sub-categories below. 


Tuition assistance to an applicant who is enrolled in a part-time or full-time program and exhibits academic excellence while working toward a Bachelors Degree or Associate Degree from an accredited Kentucky institution of higher learning in the fields of: Construction Technology, Engineering, Architecture, Public Administration, Fire science, or other field directly related to code enforcement; or a related field of study.

Tuition Application

ICC Annual Conference Grant

Conference Grant - Application Deadline is July 1, 2017

One CAAK member in good staanding, who is designated as an ICC Voting Member for their respective Jurisdiction amy apply to the CAAK Board of Directors for consideration of this grant to off-set the costs of registration, meals, travel and lodging during the scheduled conference.

Seminar Grant

One professional development activity of the applicants choice in a field directly related to code enforcement offered by ICC, NFPA or similar organization.

Conference-Seminar Application


The Scholarship Committee may choose not to award any or all of the above awards if in the opinion of a majority of the committee members that none of the applicants meet the intent of the grants.  All moneys not awarded will be held and may be awarded in that designated category during the next cycle.

Applicants are eligible for up to two (2) awards.

Institute of Higher Learning:
A Kentucky University, College, Junior College, Technical School or similar institution.
Full Time Student: A student taking 12 credit hours or more.


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