Hello everyone,

We have opened registration for the Spring Construction Code Forum at KDV.  Pay close attention to the instructions that Cora has provided below when registering. 

One new opportunity we, along with the DHBC, are happy to offer is a scholarship for new inspectors that will cover your conference fee.  The scholarship is open to new inspectors that are currently enrolled or will be enrolled in the Kentucky Certified Building Inspector Program with the Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction prior to the Spring Forum.  New inspectors are eligible for the scholarship for one year from the date of entering the program.  Again, this will only cover the registration fee.  Please see the attachment for additional information and the application.  If you receive a scholarship, you must attend the New Inspector’s Orientation Class.  This class is now a requirement for all new inspectors to attend.  Let me also encourage anyone who has not taken this class in the past to sign up for it.  It will contain a wealth of information, not only for new inspectors but also for more seasoned ones. 

Please book your lodging early due to the fact that another group is coming in on Wednesday, the 19th, and may want to book lodging a day early.

Bob Carpenter